The absurdity of the modern age: The Circle is a gamble

We spend all our life looking who we are looking for our purposes, our sense of being. Believers are comforted that there is an afterlife, optimists believe in reincarnation, pessimists even greater pain and suffering. There are different beliefs, but the goal is the same: It is comforting that there is something after this life on earth is comforting to leave a trace, that we have not lived in vain. But what if it’s a big misconception? What if death awaits us all a big nothing? Whether, if we knew everything we do in life is meaningless and insignificant, would we have wish to live?

The absurdity of the modern age: The Circle is a gamble

Existentialists claim that we are “thrown” into the world against our will. Forced to live without sense. All our actions are meaningless anyway because eventually all of us waiting for the same end. Thanks from “The Stranger” at the beginning of the novel shared these thoughts and he does not live. It makes for living. It does what it will impose others. Indifferent and insensitive. Not to touch even the death of his own mother. Let others decide for him because he is absolutely indifferent. At least until the moment comes when we truly need to face death. Then he realizes that although death is inevitable, his works have the meaning of this world and can bring change.

Here’s to say that our existence makes sense, not in terms of having us wait for any afterlife according to our merits worldly, but that we can still leave some trace. People in our death will talk to us, you will remember, at least certain generations. If we have done something important and may become immortal and would teach us and read in books, who knows ?! But we will not know anything about it. We will not be aware of our funeral success of our impact on future generations, absolutely nothing to us then. Is it worth to live it?

People often say that life is a circle. People believed in karma before they become word “karma” fashionable. Proof of that is the saying “What you sow, so shall you reap” or “What are cancer, it will sip.” In other words, all evil will be back with every good and bad will be returned with good. Each with their own merits. “The circle turns,” they said. You begin to live from a certain point and continue moving in this vicious circle, until you return to where you’re going. But if life is really so simple?

Maybe, but human to complicate matters. Circle is always spinning in the right direction. Sometimes rotates in the opposite, sometimes so exposes it ceases to resemble the round! Wonderful it would be when life really could work, “each with their own merit,” but unfortunately things are not so simple. Not only are not simple, but also absurd!

If you look closely, the absurd is everywhere! Let us start from the most popular topic in the world: Love. Young guy, almost 30 years, can not find happiness in love. Not up to it! He is a splendid guy that exists on the planet! Most careful, smartest, most successful, with a dazzling smile! But what happens? Smart and beautiful girls who like him think it’s too good to be true and not believe him. Skepticism is a terrible thing! Every word we utter considered as slurs.

But they are not guilty. Once they have been damaged by someone who looked just like him, do not they all tell us that we need to learn from mistakes and experiences. Well, learning from experience they do not trust this wonderful boy. Optionally, this wonderful boy ends up with one that is not his intellectual and spiritual level, and smart girls with a limited conformist, just because they could not believe that the unimaginable things really happen. Is not that absurd ?!

Walk on! Smart girl, just graduated with a 9.8 average. In addition to being smart, she’s worth, cultural, capable, with amazing communication skills and ambitions. But something is missing. Can you guess what? Absurd, but she lacks lack of moral values! She does not want to get a job thanks to mom and dad or through links which triggered a distant relative who had not seen him in life. She does not want to succeed thanks to its plunging neckline, long legs and good ass. She wants to succeed thanks to her intelligence, abilities and skills.

But what to do then that girl naprchila chest and lips? What will the girl who no gram memory, but because no gram moral values? You will learn how you doing! It will be difficult for them, but to some extent will learn to work. The most important thing is to be presentable! Customers have to see it! Therefore, smart girl buttoned up to the neck will stay home and keep children ambitions buried in the basement, and that “pretstavitelnata” will walk around the world and enjoy its success and lack of moral values. Absurd!

What about friendship? Delicate topic. Very significant. Most significant. We all know that friendship is built on trust. And we all know that when that trust once broken, the pieces may stick, but will always remain crack. Because friendship is incredibly gentle, vulnerable and needs to be nurtured with care. Imagine two best friends. Friends from childhood. Loved ones. There have always been one another.Helped, them were saying their innermost secrets. Normally, that there are times when a little distant, but despite the distance between them, they always remained close. Did not need to see or hear every day to stay best friends. Always recognized them feelings and thoughts, no matter what. And then someone or something stops between them. He manages to make a small crack.

Whether it is about what one of them married, gone forever, came third person managed to cause discord and their families interfered fingers for personal interests … It does not matter, something happened. You’ll say, “Well, if friendship really was so tightly, there was nothing could separate them.” No, they are not separated. Only a small crack, not their fault. And things between them never the same.What the tricky as unnecessary guilt, which in veiled reproach irrational … Animals circumstances, it is happening. Yet it is absurd that two completely innocent and clean people become victims of other people’s interests. And the biggest victims of this situation is exactly destructive friendship that now adorns an absurd crack.

Absurd examples of humanity did not stop there: Liars and bloodsuckers become leaders, humanitarians and top talents end up on the street, sponzorushi and prostitutes – idols of the new generation, smart and open-minded women – captured in the grip of patriarchy, honest and hardworking people at the bottom malicious and petty daily reach new peaks. Where is the justice? 

Life is not fair. Life is absurd. Life may be a circle, but the circle is a gamble. Every day is uncertain. The cube has 6 square sides and 11 possible ways of dismantling. We do not know which side will finish. You may go back to where we started, you may end up on the opposite side of the adjacent square, we may find ourselves out of the die, who knows ?!

Whatever you expect in life, whether good or bad, would not you care what happens across the point that you’re in? Did not you want to know what will turn until you get there? Is not interest you as you can change the shape of a circle became a cube and transform it into a pyramid, for example? The possibilities are limitless! Just open mind can lead you where you want. Everything in life is transient, but human curiosity is constant.The search for new knowledge is infinite. Do you have the sense of your existence, if you nurture your curiosity. Never stop on searching for answers, no matter how you seem so meaningless. You never lose meaning if want to explore each point of the cube. We just have to accept the absurdity of human existence and of modern times. Just you need to want. Just have to say “Jbg life” and continue.