The most common reasons that lead to end the relationship


Many of us have a relationship  which  makes them desperate, but when the relationship does not work, normaly should be left in the past. Everything in this world has a beginning and the end.

Lack of communication

Most couples are annoyed by many things, but some of them let things happend without saying a word. Being  “suffocate” in relationship start from keeping the silence, not comunication about  the wishes , expectations, assumptions and waiting what the other side have to say. If there is something what disturbe you  and you want to change, tell them your point of  view  inmidiatly  and clear.

Jealousy and possessiveness

You are jealous of the attention which  your partner gets from other people, do not want to share them with anyone, not even with them friends. Your jealousy and possessivity  will be reason of  ending your  relationship. Possessivity and jealousy are the characteristics of those people who do not   trust in anybody even in themselfs. Such love is held on “thin ice” and easy to breake. “fragile.”

Loss of sexual desire

At the beginning of a relationship you can not separate the hands of  each other, and now you feel about sex as a routine homework. This appearance is normal and happend offen . Is an integral part of each relationship but if you work on the other aspects of the relationship, will help you to be  able to override this problem. If the relationship is held only because of sex, then likely your relationship will finished  from the moment when you  will “come out” from the bedroom.


No matter how many times you were quite aboute this situation, finances still affect the quality and stability of some relationships. Unemployment and luck of financial resources often cause frustration, cause depression or aggression, and all this together leads to frequent quarrels and problems between partners. This problem can not be solved overnight and requires a willingness of partners sincere conversation, renunciation and patience.

Lack of respect and sustaine 

No respect and no support its damaging any relationship. Many couples even after 5, 10 or more years of living together become  uncomfortably surprised by the fact that in fact they  did  not know their better half . The partner who  does not appreciate your achievements, aspirations and your ambitions, it does not appreaciate  you as a personat all.