Top 10 football transfer speculation

Top 10 football transfer speculation

After the summer term 2016, slowly becoming more active speculation about transfers in the upcoming winter transfer window 2017.

In addition see what the big names of football scene could change the middle and the New Year continue with a new club:

 1. Injaki Williams (from Athletic Club in Liverpool)

2. Lorenzo Insigne (from Napoli to Liverpool)

3. Alessio Romanjoli (from Milan to Chelsea)

4. Isaac Alexander (from AIK Manchester United)

5. Antoine Griezmann (from Atletico Madrid to Chelsea)

6. Cesc Fabregas (from Chelsea to Manchester City)

7. Romelu Lukaku (from Everton to Bayern Munich)

8. Santiago Cazorla (from Arsenal to Juventus)

9. David Alaba (from Bayern Munich to Manchester City)

10.Isko (from Real Madrid to Tottenham)