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WATCH – Bill Maher UNLOADS On Crying Liberals, It’s Going MASSIVELY Viral
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Snowflakes everywhere just started to melt!

Bill Maher’s attack on liberals shows they aren’t safe from criticism from each other. Hopefully, they will get the message since it’s coming from one of their own.

“Liberals must examine all the reasons why we keep losing elections, starting with: Democrats have gone from the party that protects people to the party that protects feelings. From, ‘ask not what your country can do for you’ to ‘you owe me an apology,’” Maher stated.

Liberals have become so obsessed with political correctness and blowing up about “cultural appropriation” that they have forgotten what actually matters in this country.

They torch people for putting braids in their hair if they’re not black or for claiming that they have “baby hair,” which, by the way, everyone has. Liberals hate on people who say a woman is beautiful and also smart because the accused happened to mention looks before brains.

The soft, whiny left is far more concerned about pop culture and screaming at those who offend them than they are about real politics. They only seem to have an opinion about it once it’s all said and done. Even then, it’s the same opinion — that Trump needs to be impeached.

I’m not sure that liberals know how this country works exactly. They praise communists like Fidel Castro and hate on men like Donald Trump who are trying to bring liberty and greatness back to the American people. It’s quite a backwards way of thinking.

Democrats are saying sorry too much, and they have become weak and obsessed with not hurting anyone’s feelings. Well, anyone who knows anything about politics knows that it’s going to hurt someone’s feelings one way or another.

People like Maher are getting sick and tired of their own party and blame them for the results of the election. This is not much better because this is another liberal tactic — pass the blame so it’s not on yourself, but it’s still nice to see them at each other’s throats.

The fact of the matter is that the Democrats got lazy, they got complacent, and they left the government wide open to be taken by the Republicans — by people who actually care about this country. The Democrats used to be a party that put Americans first, and now they put everyone else first instead.

The problem with liberals is that they preach about change and improvement, but they just want it handed to them. They don’t actually want to put in the work, and this is unacceptable. This is why we have people who refuse to get off welfare and continually ask for handouts — because of lazy liberals who get offended by everything.

These people need to grow up, stop wearing their hearts on their sleeves, and fix their party if they’re tired of losing. It’s sad that someone from their side, like Bill Maher, is telling them to get their crap together. That’s how you know you’ve reached rock bottom, snowflakes.

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