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WATCH – Protester Asked ‘Does It Bother You Obama Banned People In 2011,’ Her Response…. WOW
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The liberals are throwing a fit over Trump’s ban on people from seven terrorist-hot-bed countries. What happens when they are confronted with Obama’s similar ban?

When asked if Obama’s 2011 ban had bothered her, this woman stated, “No, I loved President Obama.”

This is the perfect example of how the liberals’ minds work. If they like someone, then they can forgive anything they do, and if they dislike someone, then nothing they do is good enough.

I can guarantee that if Hillary Clinton had won and she signed this ban, then the liberals would be praising the measure. Why? Because they voted for her.

However, because this was Trump, liberals are punching out people who are Trump supporters, they are shoving people at pro-Trump rallies, and they are verbally attacking people on planes until they are escorted off. It’s funny, but the liberals are starting to sound like Muslims.

And I say this because, supposedly, Islam is the “religion of peace,” yet they abuse their women and keep them as second class citizens, they kill gays and non-believers, and they bomb those who choose to worship differently. Does this really sound like a religion of peace?

Liberals think they are the side of love and tolerance, yet they are intolerant of those who do not share their views. They think that only their freedom of speech matters and, apparently, think they have more rights to protest than conservatives do. This is tolerance?

I see now why liberals are so quick to defend Muslim refugees and migrants because they are exactly the same kind of hypocrites. They’re violent, hateful groups masquerading as peaceful crusaders. It all makes complete sense now.

This liberal woman just revealed that they don’t actually have a problem with the ban but merely with the president behind it. If that’s the case, then stop hiding behind your human rights façade — just admit you’re a sore loser and mad that Trump won.

Go take a nap in your safe space and come back when you’re ready to act like responsible adults.

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