What is Rakija ?


Rakija is a strong spirit drink. Initially used in therapeutic, medical purposes but also to achieve a good mood. The word RAKIJA is of Arab origin and comes from the word “al-rak”, which translated means sweat. At Balkan countries came with the Turks in the 14th or15th century. In the beginning, indicating drink arak, which is produced in Indonesia, Malaysia and other Far Eastern countries, were receiving the distillation of fermented juice or wine special species of palms.
Back in the IV century Aristotel wrote that sea water and wine and other liquids could be converted into drinking water when subjected to the process of distillation. This conclusion, however long after was not used until the VIII and IX century when Arab alchemists devised “Alambik” that were used to obtain the base of the perfume. These instruments have also been used in attempts by from alchemists that can make basic metals (iron and lead) get gold.
How some people meet Rakija ?
They met very early – when they were five years old, them grandmother dipped a finger in a glass of Rakija at lunch and give them to try it, probably believing that it is better to get used to it as soon as possible. With seven years some mums was giving a masage with Rakija to them children to take of the temperature of fiver when they catch a cold. With ten years they learned where are them inventories, which will be very useful information about six, seven years later. We are sure that some people never been to glory, weddings, baptism or any celebration in Ex Yugoslavia, where it was not served Rakija. RAKIJA !! It’s a family member, neighbor, citizen, countryman, friend and much, much more. It’s good to have it at the parties but also great to have it if you feel lonely. Here is a list of several myths about Rakija, which will certainly continue to repeat every person from abroad when they make that face after they tryed first glass. Rakija is a life spirit! Scientists discover that rakija is good for our health! Rakija is a source of health and durability, if we not use to much! This conclusion came after researchers from the universities of Bern and Copenhagen, and the Swiss and the Danes which were joined by specialists from the Medical University in Sofia and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. They arrived to the conclusion that the traditional drinking in moderate quantities helps for at least five important functions.
1. If you drink 50 to 100ml Rakija in one day, its stimulate your metabolism and will we help you to forget the stomach problems and digestion problems.
2. Still at the oldest time, rakija is one of the best ways to fight with the flu. It can be used for massage.
3. Rakija stimulates blood stream and helps to better functioning of the heart. It was due to the fact that the moderate consummation of Rakija reduces cholesterol.
4. Ideal for removing the consequences of Stress. Unwritten is true that the great rakija is reflected on the nervous system and quickly and effectively relaxes after bad and tired working day.
5. Stocking of food leads to the unnecessary pounds. Rakija is a low calorie potion and even if you drink does not lead to excessive weight. Tooth, ear, nose, throat, stomach, strain – knows – for this life spirit, existing already for 200 years.
The truth is that an occasional glass of Rakija can work well on health, just like any other alcohol. Research has proven that the ones who drink moderate rakija , rarely suffer from heart failure, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and stroke, and many of those who testified that whole life they drink Rakija every day and lived up to 100 years. After all, if you ever try a rakija just drink in moderate way, who am I to stop you from ignoring doctors and antibiotics and replacing all that with RAKIJA.