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Woman runs over her husband with an SUV after learning he voted for Trump
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For a marriage to function, a husband and his wife have to agree to disagree on a lot of things. There may be thing that she likes that he doesn’t approve of, but he had to accept that fact because they’re married. If you love someone, you have to accept them despite all their flaws as a human being. However, this husband and wife pair couldn’t agree on who they were going to vote for. You know what his wife did to make a compromise? She got into their SUV and ran her husband over because his candidate was wrong. Oh so very wrong.

She’s been married for quite some time to Darrell Johnson. They’ve been through quite a whole lot but this recent election season has definitely taken its toll on their marriage.

Tania devoted a lot of her hours campaigning for Hillary Clinton. She’s always believed in Mrs. Clinton’s advocacies for women’s rights, so Tania didn’t waste any time during the campaign period.

Well, she’s a woman, so we can’t blame her if she doesn’t like Trump

Trump’s been very disrespectful towards women all his life. So we cannot blame Tania for not liking his actions. Well, most of the world doesn’t particularly like that dude.

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