Hailie isn’t a little girl anymore..

Eminem is notoriously known for his lyrical prowess. The 8 Mile rapper cultivated his career through his candor, lyrical dexterity and tongue-twisting flow. Many of his biggest songs revolved around people that played integral roles in his life including his ex-wife Kim, his mother and his daughter Hailie. The love between Eminem and his daughter was always on his display especially on songs like “Mockingbird,” “Beautiful,” and “Hailie’s Song.” That was back when Hailie was merely a little girl. Now, Eminem’s baby girl is all grown-up. Take a look and she what she’s been up to now.

Hailie is all-grown up

Guess who this is!

Eminem should be ecstatic about his daughter Hailie. For one, she grew up to be a beautiful, smart young lady. The 20 year old, who was featured in over 22 songs of her father’s formidable discography, thrived impressively in school.

Hailie had phenomenal grades

Even though her father didn’t finish high school, Hailie shined academically. She graduated with an incredible 3.9 grade-point average. Talk about someone with their heads in the books.

At 17, she won Homecoming Queen

At 17, Hailie was crowned Homecoming Queen at Chippewa Valley High School. Her mother Kim escorted Hailie, while her iconic father watched from a separate classroom, so that he wouldn’t detract attention from his daughter on this momentous occasion.

Hailie is attending Michigan State


Because of her stellar grades, Hailie was accepted at the Michigan State University. There she studies psychology.

It’s great to see that Hailie blossomed into a smart and lovely lady, despite her father being at the forefront of music. Children of celebrities can lost in the shadow of their parents and fail to create identities of their own. Fortunately for Hailie, that wasn’t the case at all.

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